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Don't believe the Hype

Jan 26, 2017

Is it a mystery that within all religious and spiritual beliefs there are water purification ceremonies? The answer is a definitive, "NO!" Why is this? Because water DOES purify, no matter where you come from or what your belief system, dipping in water - fresh water - the ocean or a river - allows for the soul to be purified and the spirit revived.

Kabbalists to Baptists to Christians believe in this practice. Women connected to the Earth and spirit bath in the moonlit ocean on a full moon to connect to spirit. So jump, full force, eyes wide open, into the water, and set your soul free.

This is a literal suggestion but also a figurative one. Life is like a body of water - sometimes warm, sometimes cold - sometimes not either - and jump we must, always. Even when the sun is shining and you are enjoying the shore, it is always wise to test the water and not get too comfortable with the existing bliss. Always reach for more...Bless.


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Talia Witkowski

Let go of traditional living for extraordinary living. Perception is deception.


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